What you have been waiting for - the 2017 FOIL Summer Quiz!

The Summer Quiz launched last year was hugely popular. Several hundred copies were printed and these were eagerly snapped up by visitors to Drummond Castle Fete and to Perth Farmers Market as well as by members.
This year's theme is Authors, Playwrights and Poets born in Scotland. There are 20 cryptic clues from each of which you must work out the author and the title of one of their works. We have tried to make it a little bit easier by giving you the first letter of each word. So - throw away your Times crossword and download the FOIL Summer Quiz sheet now!

Click on the link below to retrieve the form. The entry fee of £2.00 may be paid via the Registration and Payments page of the website or by giving it to any member of the committee at any FOIL event.

It's Here!

And don't miss ....

The FOIL stall at Drummond Castle Fete on Sunday 6th August

Once again FOIL has been asked to provide the main baking stall at Drummond Castle Fete which is taking place on Sunday 6th August. Last year the tables were initially groaning under the weight of the fabulous bakery items and preserves that had been contributed by FOIL members, but were all but bare by the end of the afternoon. The stall raised a substantial amount of money for FOIL and the library so it was a huge success for all involved. This year we hope to do even better - Kirsty Macdonald has been organising the team of bakers and other helpers with great enthusiasm and efficiencey - so do come along and join us there. It is always an enjoyable afternoon.

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