FOIL Summer Quiz answers are now available here!
  1. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth
  2. Every cloud has a silver lining
  3. Cross my palm with silver
  4. Sell the family silver (or as some people thought STEAL)
  5. Bang bang Maxwells’ silver hammer came down upon his head
  6. Five for silver, six for gold
  7. Hi -ho Silver
  8. Speech is silver but silence is golden
  9. With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a  row
  10. To be given something on a silver platter
  11. By the light of the silvery moon
  12. The moon, like a silver bow new bent in heaven
  13. Handsome as a silver fox
  14. Kill (ed)  with a silver bullet ( or some people thought Knife with a silver blade)
  15. Those who fight with silver spears are sure of their victory. ~ Greek Proverbs
  16. Deprive a mirror of its silver and even the czar won’t see his face. ~ Russian Proverb
  17. When you go to buy, don’t show your silver. ~ Chinese Proverb
  18. A silver hammer can open an iron gate. ~ Basque Proverb
  19.  All that glitters is not gold, nor all that sparkles silver. ~ Finnish Proverbs
  20. He who sleeps in a silver bed has golden dreams. ~ German Proverb
Photos of some of our 2018 Speakers
The 2018 season of talks concluded in October with a talk by Alex Nye. She and other notable and engaging speakers are pictured here. Please see the Meetings and Events page for reviews of the talks.
  1. Rita Bradd
  2. Alex Nye
  3. Val McDermid
  4. Elizabeth Wein
  5. Libby Joy
The Christmas Carol Concert will be held in Innerpeffray Chapel on Sunday 9th December at 3.00 pm

Details of the 2019 programme will be available in the New Year.

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