Registration and Payments
On this page you can :
  • Register your intention to attend one or more meetings
  • Pay your attendance fee(s)
  • Pay your subscription
  • Make a donation
  • Make any other payment

To register for a meeting please enter your name, together with the number of any guests you intend to bring, if any, against each meeting you wish to attend in the Booking Form below. There is a cover charge for each meeting of £5 per member and £7 per guest unless otherwise stated. For available methods of payment please see below.

To pay a subscription please enter details of the subscription(s) being paid in the blue box opposite the 'SUBSCRIPTIONS' label. Types of membership and their associated costs are:
Individual: £15 p.a.   Joint: £25 p.a.   Family: £40 p.a.  
Life Member: Single £200,  Joint £350.

To make a donation or make any other payment please enter details of the payment being made in the Comments box (the penultimate box) as well as making the payment.

If you wish to add any comments you may do so in the box provided.

Finally, enter your email address in the last box before clicking on the 'submit' button. It is most important that you do this so that we know how to contact you in case of a query. or later in the event of any change to the published programme.

2019 Programme Booking Form and Subscriptions
       EVENT                             Enter your information against each item
April 10th
May 8th
June 12th
October 9th
December 8th
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July 10th
August 14th
September 28th
Please submit your meeting registration or subscription details before making payment. If making an electronic payment you will be referred to the PayPal payments page and will not be returned to the FOIL website.
If you would prefer to use a paper form and send us a cheque you may do so by downloading and printing a booking form by clicking here .
There are two ways to make a payment: by cheque or by electronic payment.

To pay by cheque
Please send a cheque for attendance to:The Treasurer, FOIL, Count Accountants, The Old Garage, Mill Hills Farm, Crieff, PH7 3QW

Electronic payments are collected for us by PayPal. By clicking on the 'Donate' button below you will be redirected to the PayPal payments page. If you have a PayPal account you may use that. If you do not have a PayPal account click 'Continue' and then enter your debit or credit card details and payment will be taken from your card. Click the 'donate' button below to proceed.

To make an electronic payment