What we do
Nothing stands still. Countless individuals have supported the library since its establishment and there is a continuing need to support it today. The library has a unique position in the history of Scotland with links to universities and other centres of learning across the globe. The knowledge and wisdom contained in its collection of books should continue to educate the present generation and generations to come but that can only happen if the fabric of the library – both the building and the books themselves – receive continuing care and attention.
FOIL is an organisation whose aim is to support the library in practical ways. Its primary mission is to raise funds that may be used, for example, to restore books, update and extend the accommodation for the books, extend and improve the facilities on site and improve facilities for visitors. It does so through a combination of local fund-raising activity in the community and outreach to people who have a sense of goodwill towards the library but live further away through the medium of the world-wide web.
How you can help
Become a Friend
For a modest annual subscription you may join the company of like-minded people who are concerned for the on-going welfare of the library. You will be advised of forthcoming events and will also receive a copy of the newsletter FOIL Facts that is published in February and July each year.
Make a donation
If you do not wish to make a regular commitment you may make a one-off donation to the library. Click the button below for details of how to do this.
Come to a meeting
FOIL organises a series of talks each year on topics of interest. The talks cover a wide spectrum of subjects. There are common threads: Scotland, books and the locality in rural Perthshire. Each topic is related to one or more of these threads. Click the button below for information about previous and planned future talks.
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